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The Charlie Rollins Award

for Musician - Athlete

Awarded to a graduating senior that plays an instrument in the Band or Orchestra and also plays a sport. Named for the coach who encouraged his High School-aged players to participate in the Arts and who also took great pride in the fact that he always had players who were musicians as well as athletes. He believed being a musician made for a better athlete and would actively seek out musicians for his teams. While Meghan never had Charlie as a coach, she was a Musician-Athlete and she and Charlie were buds and used to love talking softball.

Charlie passed away shortly before the 2020 tournament, but it is believed he came anyway.


 The 2021 award went to Elisabeth Laboy (Bridgewater State University), Pictured here with Bob Burnett and Nora Hagopian, (winner of the "FlyHigh" award)

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