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St Michael's College Scholarship


The Meghan Burnett Foundation will provide an annual $1000 financial award to a graduating Wakefield Memorial High School senior student or students that will be attending St Michael’s College in the fall.

St Michael’s is a small school in Colchester VT where Meghan was looking forward to attending school and playing Div 2 softball. This award would typically be awarded to one graduating senior at a time, though if there is more than one graduate going to St Michaels, we will consider multiple awards- depending on our ability to do so at that time.

- if there is no graduating senior bound for St Mikes on any given year, then WMHS Alumni who are attending St Mikes will be eligible for the award.

- in the event that there are more applicants than finances available, priority will be assigned based on if they will major in Education, play (or have played) softball, are/were involved in music programs and/or figure skating. If none of these apply, we can draw names out of a hat.


2021 is the first year we will be awarding the St Michael's College Scholarship. Meghan was looking forward to attending St Mikes and through the availability of scholarships, it was made possible for us to support her choice. We recognize that higher education comes with a lot of additional costs. This is why we decided to make this award available to a graduating Senior to ease the financial shock and burden that comes with the first year of college.

To apply, graduating seniors would go thru the WMHS guidance dept. As far as the application- there will be no form. Just provide the following ( email is fine unless you think otherwise):

-Students name and phone number

- Parent or guardian name and phone no.

- email for both parent and student

- intended major (if any)

- interests and activities


All “applications” should be submitted to the guidance department after the tuition deposit is sent to the school. June is very busy for everyone so we’d like to be able to make our decision in May.

 We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the St Michael's College Award:

2021  Award - Grace Butler

2022  Award - Allida Kelliher

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