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There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains. – Unknown 

 Who was Meghan Burnett? 

Meghan was the kind of person who lit up a room  and

made everyone feel good, just by being there. Teachers

and Coaches loved her. Even when they lost to her team,

opposing Coaches couldn't help but respect the passion

and joy she brought to the game. As one of her coaches 

said she was “that kid with the million-watt smile!” 

Meghan S. Burnett, passed away unexpectedly due to

complications from surgery on June 12, 2018 at the age

of 18, less than two weeks after graduating from

Wakefield Memorial High School. 

She was raised in Wakefield and loved all sports but was

an avid softball player where she excelled in Little League,

High School Varsity and on her 18U Showcase teams.

Her plans were to continue her softball career through 

college as she was set to attend Saint Michael's College in

Vermont in the fall where she would pursue a degree in Education . She was very knowledgeable about the game which enabled her to run pitching clinics and teach private lessons while still in High School. These experiences led her to discover a love and a gift for teaching. 

She also loved Music. As an active student, she was a trumpet Section Leader in the marching band, played in the Honors Wind Ensemble and also played the viola in the Honors Chamber Group, was selected as a two-year Diversity Leader, was a member of the National Honor Society, and was also a member of the founding class of the Tri-M Honor Society. She loved to travel and really enjoyed the marching band's trip to Disney World. Her last spring she participated in the WHS Foreign Exchange program to Switzerland, which she referred to as "the best experience of her life." Meghan also loved figure skating. 

Meghan had always lead with her heart so it followed that the best way to honor her memory would be by continuing her positivity and helping others. This was when friends established a charitable foundation in her name to provide financial assistance to college-bound students and assist the softball and music programs that were so important to her. 


This tournament was always something she had dreamed of. Every spring at some point, the question would come up “Why cant WE have a softball tournament in Wakefield? We could do it you know...” and then the conversation would go into different aspects and ways that we could make it happen. She was more optimistic about it than the adults around her, but when she left us, it was already clear what we needed to do. Coaches and friends got together and immediately began planning a memorial tournament. Within two months, in August of 2018, the town of Wakefield hosted its first ever fastpitch softball tournament- the first annual Meghan Burnett “Fly High” Tournament. In recognition of her love for music, the organizers incorporated a musical presence into this tournament. Since that time, we have become an official tournament, sanctioned (and supported) by USA Softball with a tournament to be held every summer . 

Please know that while you are here to play softball, your participation in this tournament is helping others and helping us to perpetuate her memory and the positivity that Meghan brought. 

Thank You 

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