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Softball Skills

This page contains info helpful for parents and developing players from beginners thru 18U. The Flipbooks can be viewed on mobile devices but are best viewed on a desktop computer where you can click thru and get a frame-by-frame video effect.

This is kind of old and I haven't checked it for accuracy recently, but I believe most if not all of it still rings true.



At 5'-3" Delaney is not your typical, statuesque pitcher. She was one of Meghan's favorites because she was a good pitcher, had a great attitude and was a team player. When she was a Freshman, she mostly kept the book but also taught their Ace pitcher how to throw an effective changeup. Later she became a dominant pitcher on her own in one of the strongest conferences in the country ( SEC) and could hold her own against any team. Meghan met and trained with her former teammate Lauren Haeger who confirmed that Delaney was the real deal and the best teammate. Delaney now plays Pro and for Team USA.

Amanda 1.jpg

Amanda Scarborough is an All American softball pitcher, ESPN analyst, and pitching coach. Playing college softball at Texas A&M, Scarborough was a two-time NFCA All-American and the 2005 Big 12 Conference Player of the Year. She and (4) other former College stars started a player development program called "The Packaged Deal" where they tour the country teaching young players how to get to the next level. The Packaged Deal staff has grown from 4 to 14 former college stars who now teach the finer points of the game online as well as all around the country.

This Video shows the correct way to snap the ball into your glove. He calls it the "Lock it in" drill. this is important to convey energy from the arm to the pitch. He also explains "Backchaining" and there are two other drills also.

This article is written by Rick Pauly who is a Nationally renown pitching coach and who's daughter Sarah was a star Pitcher at Texas A&M and later as a pro. 

Planet Fastpitch is the one of the best Softball Instruction Facilities in the country. If you have the opportunity to check it out, I highly recommend it! Its about 60-70 minute drive from Wakefield on a Sunday morning. We would do it every Sunday from Mid-September to early April.


Over the years I have heard some batting instruction repeated by coaches that it turns out isn't always true...

The swing demonstrated here is the swing that is being taught at the highest levels of both Fastpitch Softball and Baseball. Details may vary, but basically this is it. 

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