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Softball Tournament Scholarship

The Meghan Burnett Foundation is pleased to announce an annual $500 scholarship award that will be given as part of the Meghan Burnett Fly High tournament. All graduating seniors who participate in the Tournament are invited to apply for this award whether they played in the tournament, in a band at the tournament or volunteered to help. The award is presented to the applicant who has consistently demonstrated the highest levels of Commitment, Leadership, Enthusiasm and Love for the game (or band or whatever organization they are affiliated with).


 The 2021 award went to Nora Hagopian (Bentley University), Pictured here with Bob Burnett and Elisabeth Laboy, winner of the Charlie Rollins award

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 The 2020 award went to Dana Littlefield , a graduate of Methuen High who is now Majoring in Biology and Biotechnology at WPI.  Kayleigh Callanan who is attending the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she is majoring in English and Political Science with a minor in Art. Sophia Gosselin- Smoske is majoring in Environmental Science at Endicott college. Both Kayleigh and Sophia are Graduates of Wakefield Memorial High School.


 The 2019 award went to Michelle Maffe (Merrimack College), Norah Coyne (St Leo University) and Julia DiFazio (University of Mass at Amherst), all 2019 graduates of Wakefield Memorial High School. 


The 2018 award went to Brooke Lamothe, a 2018 graduate of Tewksbury Memorial High School who is enrolled at Worcester State University. 

                                Financial Academic Award Application

To be considered for the award, applicants must have committed to a college (don’t have to be playing ball there) and submit a completed application. The applicant should tell us about yourself, where you'll be going to college, interests, passions, activities, etc. anything that helps us know the applicant. Have fun with it! Also provide a recommendation from a non-related supervising adult or mentor (coach, teacher, employer) who can attest to the character of the applicant and why they are recommending this individual and how they believe the applicant meets the aforementioned qualifications. An 18 year-old applicant isn’t always comfortable speaking up for themselves, that’s why the recommendation is important. 

Email the completed application to MeghanBurnettFoundation@gmail.com with “Scholarship” in the subject line. Applications are due by June 10.  June is an extremely busy time for us so we cannot entertain late submissions.

Winner will be notified before the tournament with the official announcement to follow. In the event of a tie, both applicants will be awarded $500. 

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