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Meghan Burnett “Fly High “ Tournament Rules

                                                        (Updated Fall 2021)

Tournament Director: Bob Burnett -617-331-3681- bburnett15@verizon.net

Umpire-in- Chief: Buddy Brooks -617-212-5552

Rules: All games will be played in accordance with the USA Softball Rules with exceptions noted in this document.

4 Game Guarantee (Weather Permitting). 3 Games in Pool Play (Friday and Saturday). Single elimination on Sunday. Seeding for Elimination Round will be based on Standings after Pool Play.

1. Rank teams by winning percentage in their pool
2. If two teams are tied, compare head to head win-loss. If more than 2 teams are tied, skip this step

3. If teams are tied, rank based on fewest runs allowed per game
4. If teams are tied, rank based on most runs scored per game
5. If teams are tied, a coin toss is used

Time: Games must start on time- No Exceptions. Games will be 1 hour, 30 Minutes. No inning may start after the time limit has expired. Pool Play Games can end in a tie. Elimination round games (Sunday) must produce a winner. The International Tie Breaker rule will be in effect beginning with the 8th inning or if the time limit is reached before the 8th inning of a tied elimination round game. There is no time limit for the Tournament Championship Game, but the International Tie Breaker rule will be in effect beginning with the 8th inning if needed.

Run Rule: 15 runs after 3 innings; 12 runs after 4 innings; 8 runs after 5 innings (4.1/2 innings if home team is ahead)

Reporting Scores:  Winning Team (Coach)is responsible to ensure scores are reported immediately after completion of games to the Tournament Director or his designated representative. If scores are not called in, game will be recorded as a 2-2 tie and any error in seeding will not be changed after the brackets have been completed. Text each final game score to 617-331-3681 

Sunday - Single Elimination Format. Same as Saturday except Championship Game

is 7 innings with no time limit. Sunday Brackets will be posted on website as early as possible Saturday evening. (Probably sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 pm). Coaches will be notified by text

Team Documentation: Upon arrival, Coaches should text 617-331-3681 with their name and team name from a phone number you will want to receive text updates on.

While at the field, Coaches must have a roster, Birth Certificates for each player, Insurance Certificate and Evidence of USA Softball Registration. Failure to produce Birth Certificates on request will result in a forfeit. Players ages must be in accordance with the USA Softball Age chart for all ages. At check-in, all adult bench personnel must present documentation of their successful completion of both the USA Softball Background check as well as SafeSport training. No adults can be on the field or in the dugout without these credentials. 

Restrictions on the field: Only Players, Coaches, Scorers and a single Bat Person are allowed in the Dugout/Bench areas and/or within 10 feet of the foul lines. Players must wear matching Uniforms. No Jewelry. USA Softball now requires all coaches to wear their valid USASoftball/Background Check Certification ID Card in plain view (on a lanyard) while on the field or in the dugout.

No Infield or Batting practice allowed on the Infields prior to the games. Teams may use the Outfield areas to warm up prior to the games. Pitchers/Catchers ask first as we don't want the grounds crew getting hit with a wild pitch.

A Double coin flip will determine the Home Team for Pool Play games. Higher seed has their choice in Elimination Round games (Sunday).

Lineups must be presented to your opponent and the Umpire (10) minutes prior to game time. The Home Team’s scorebook is the official Scorebook. Scorers from each team should check between innings to confirm score. All substitutions must be reported to Umpire and opponent prior to making substitutions.

Batting Order: Straight 9, DP/Flex or Continuous batting order is available to any team choosing to use it

Courtesy runners for Catcher/Pitcher will be allowed except in those elimination games where continuous batting order is being used.  Runner must be a player not currently in the game or if using the continuous batting order (in pool play)- the player who made the last out.

Officiating: Saturday will use (1) Umpire per game where Sunday will employ (2) USA Umpires for each game. The umpires will be doing the best they can and may not always have the best angle. They will always use their best judgement and any disagreement must be addressed appropriately and with civility. Coaches should always exercise a high level of decorum especially when in front of both teams and spectators.

Disputed Calls/Protests: All protests must be settled immediately before proceeding with the next live pitch or play. Home Plate Umpire has the final authority on all protests. The Home Plate Umpire may consult with the Tournament Director concerning Special Tournament Rules. Only the Head Coach is allowed to discuss protests with the Home Plate Umpire. All protests must be presented to the Home Plate Umpire in a civil manner. The Umpire has the Authority to refuse to consider protests without discussion or consultation with the Tournament Director.

Ejections: Any player or coach ejected from a game by an umpire will also not be allowed to participate in their team’s next game. Ejected players are allowed to remain on the bench for the remainder of the current game and the next game. Ejected Coaches are not allowed to remain on or near the Bench/Dugout area for both the current game and the next game. (We hope this rule will not be used).

Weather: The Tournament Director reserves the right to change the tournament format because of inclement weather ( including impending inclement weather) or other unforeseen conditions. These changes include but are not limited to shortening of games or eliminating games.

Rain Delays: The Time Limit continues to be in effect during a Rain Delay (Clock does not stop during Rain Delay). Should any game be suspended due to inclement weather and restarted within the original 1 hour 30 Minute time limit, the game will be resumed from the point at which suspension of play was called.

Inclement Weather: If a game is stopped due to inclement weather or other unforeseen reason and not re-started within the 1 hour 30 Minute time limit, the Score of the game will be official based on the score at the end of the last full inning played (or half-inning if the Home Team is ahead) A minimum of two complete innings must be played for this rule to be implemented.

Cancellations: In the event of a rainout and cancellation of Tournament on Sunday, the highest seed from Saturday will be the tournament Champion. Refunds will be made only if the entire tournament is cancelled.

Additional Team Responsibilities:

o First Aid- Teams are responsible for their own First Aid needs.

o Take the field promptly at the beginning and clear out of the bench areas

promptly at the end of games.

o Coaches are responsible to ensure trash is picked up in and around their bench

area after each game.

o The Tournament will provide (2) game balls for each game, beyond that it is each team's responsibility to provide additional balls as needed. the team at bat will provide replacements for lost batted balls. Team in field will replace any balls lost due to overthrow. 

o After each game, please return the game balls to the umpires or field


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