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A WMHS Marching Band Award

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

While the Marching Band dedicated its 2018-2019 season to Meghan and made each stellar performance better than the last. they also created an award to be given out in her memory at their annual banquet in January. The Meghan Burnett Award will be given each year to a standout senior who has displayed Commitment, Leadership, Enthusiasm and Love for the WMHS Marching Band throughout their career at WMHS. At this year's banquet on January 4th, the First Annual Meghan Burnett award was presented. Michelle Maffe, a two-year Section leader of the Marching Band who was originally hand-picked by Meghan to join her as a section leader was this years recipient. Performing Arts director Tom Bankert noted that both he and Meghan were impressed by Michelle's Leadership, Dedication and Character. She helps every member of her section with a smile on her face and encouraging words, she was a perfect choice for this award.

Meghan and Michelle on the occasion of the annual "Making of the Tee Shirts"


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