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High Level Throwing Clinic at WMHS

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

On Saturday, April 6 the WMHS Varsity and JV Softball teams participated in a High Level throwing clinic run by Austin Wasserman.

In the movie The Horse Whisperer, a horse trainer figures out how to transform horses with any variety of issues that no other trainer can resolve.

Austin Wasserman does the same thing by transforming softball and baseball athletes at his two Wasserman Strength locations, one in Florida and the other in New Hampshire.

Athletes come to him to improve their overall strength and athleticism and also to correct their throwing mechanics. Wasserman focuses on fully developing athletes from a strength and conditioning standpoint.

“Science shows us stronger and well-conditioned athletes, along with improved biomechanics, will reduce stress on the body and injuries,” he explained.

Check out the article on how Austin Wasserman is changing the landscape of how baseball and softball players are training!

Austin demonstrating a dynamic exercise that players can work on together where they strengthen the soft tissues that are subject to the most strain while throwing.

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