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The WMHS Makerspace Dedication

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

June 6, 2019- the Diversity Leaders and advisors at WMHS invited the public to attend the dedication of a project they had been working on throughout the school year. A Makerspace dedicated to one of their own, Meghan Burnett. A Makerspace is a relatively new concept where a space is provided that is dedicated to hands-on, creative ways to solve problems and encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent.

One of Meghan's fellow Diversity Leaders spoke of her contribution to the program when she presented the following at the dedication ceremony:

"The current senior year Diversity Leaders had the priviledge of working closely with Meghan last year. Throughout the year, we were fortunate enough to bond with Meghan and see her charismatic, optimistic and fun-loving nature in action. Each and every one of us can confidently say that Meghan left her mark on the Diversity Leaders program and everywhere she went. One instance that truly shows Meghan's character is one that will forever be ingrained in my mind. The Diversity Leaders were facilitating activities at the Galvin Middle School. At this point of the year, the seniors had already graduated and were well into their summer vacations. However, Meghan being the dedicated student, athlete and person that she was and remains, quickly volunteered time out of her summer vacation to take part in the visits. One visit in particular was the day before her surgery, but that simply did not matter to her. I think to any average person, they would have used that time to prepare for the surgery, but Meghan was far from average. Her strength hid all of the pain she endured and her optimism masked all of the fear she was experiencing, and that is what makes Meghan such a remarkable presence. Meghan exemplifies every quality that a diversity leader should possess, and thats why we wanted to dedicate the Makerspace to her. This space will forever be Meghan's physical mark on our school and serve as a constant reminder of her and everything she encapsulates."

This year'd Diversity Leader Officers flanked by advisors Marlisa Burke and Diana Ho

Some of the Alumni and Faculty at the Dedication ceremony

Some photos of Meg on a tackboard with a poster that she made.

The Students from the class after Meghan's gave her a page in their yearbook


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