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WMHS Captains at World Softball Coaches Convention

In January the Wakefield Memorial High School Varsity Softball team was represented by Captains Julia DiFazio, Juliette Guanci, Sophia Gosselin-Smoske and Taylor Owen. There they attended presentations by Softball Legend Sue Enquist, Former College greats and current Pro's like Lauren Chamberlain, Chelsea Goodacre and Kelsey Stewart, Colleges coaches Whitney Goldstein(WPI), Rachel Powers (Wheaton) and Travis Wilson (Florida State) and many more. There were also the Hitting, fielding and pitching demo's in addition to representatives from all of the big sporting equipment manufacturers with the latest equipment to try. All in all, there was a lot to cover in one day, but they got it done!

World SoftballCoaches Clinic Website

Wakefield Item Story:

Pictured here are captains Taylor Owen, Sophia Gosselin-Smoske, Juliette Guanci and Julia DiFazio


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