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WMHS Team at World Softball Coaches Convention

For the second year in a row, the WMHS Varsity Softball Team was represented at the Annual World Softball Coaches Conference at Mohegan Sun. While it makes for a long day, the Coaches and Captains made the most of it attending presentations/Demonstrations and meeting some of the most influential people in the sport, including coaches like Sue Enquist/UCLA and Patrick Murphy/Alabama, as well as professionals and olympians like Lauren Chamberlain (Retired) and Ally Carda (2020 Olympian). The tickets to this event were provided by the Meghan Burnett Foundation. Meghan attended this event every year because she loved the opportunity to learn from the best in the business and it was unlike any other event in this part of the country. Pictured here in front are Captains Sophia Gosselin-Smoske, Alexis Comeau, Katie Pearl and Taylor Owen. Back row: Coach Janel Stevenson and Head Coach Chris Tolios.

This time, the captains with the GOOD LOOKING coach.


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