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Thank you for your interest in the Meghan Burnett "Fly High" Memorial Tournament!

We are looking forward to having another great tournament in July! To sign up your team you need to go to the USA Northeast Softball Tournaments Page

In an effort to ensure player safety and streamline the check-in process at the field, USA Softball has modified the process so now we take care of the tournament paperwork in advance, online. Something that is required for all USA Softball tournaments that you can get a jump on is Documentation of Background Check by USA Softball and SafeSport training. Please note that SafeSport training for a previous season or another sport will not be accepted.


Log-in and sign up for a background check here:

In addition to the requirement for the USA Softball Background check, All coaches on the field and/or in the dugout will be required to take the SafeSport training online. When you log in to the above link, there is a tab for SafeSport that will take you to the training material. Coaches will need to carry these credentials (Safe Sport and USA Softball Background check) whenever on the field.

Registration Process:

The tournament will be listed on the USA Softball of New England website. Teams will register via this website and will send payment to the tournament director. Tournament directors will approve all teams entering the tournament after verifying teams have submitted background checks, SafeSport, rosters, and insurance to USA Softball MA. USA Softball MA. reserves the right to reject/ deny a team from your tournament for failing to provide these documents to USA Softball MA.

All teams will automatically be placed in “Pending” status after registering for a tournament on the USA Softball of Ma tournament website ( Here are the following steps tournament directors will follow when accepting a team into a tournament,

  1. Accepted (Pending ASA Reg): Tournament directors will move the team from “Pending” to “Accepted (Pending ASA Reg)”. Tournament directors will need to verify a team has been approved by USA Softball of Ma before moving the team to any other status regardless if payment has been received. Here are the steps to verify the team is registered with USA Softball of Ma:

    1. Go to

    2. Select JO/Youth webpage from the menu options;

    3. Select Registered Teams and verify the team registered for your tournament is on this page.

  2. Accepted (Awaiting payment): The team has been approved by USA Softball of Ma and needs to submit their payment for the tournament.

  3. Accepted (Deposit only): The team has submitted a deposit and been accepted to the tournament.

  4. Accepted (Paid in Full): The team is registered with USA Softball of Ma and paid in full.

For more detailed information regarding USA Softball of MA Tournaments:

Procedures and Policies

Playing the Games


After the 1st of the year, it becomes kind of like musical chairs with both tournaments and teams needing commitment from the other, so we ask that you plan accordingly as we want you with us in July, but we can’t afford the hit if you change your mind later.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either Walter or me.

Thank you and see you in July!

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